About Us

About Us

The LEADERship Martin County Alumni for Youth (LMCAY) organization was established in 1991 to support the Stuart / Martin County Chamber of Commerce’s LEADERship Martin County program; to provide education and networking opportunities for our members; and to enhance community awareness of our members by providing opportunities to evaluate and act on issues affecting the Community.

Some of the ways we meet our mission are:

  • Participating on the LEADERship Martin County Planning Committee
  • Attending the LEADERship days and program day socials to support each new LEADERship class
  • Hosting bi-monthly networking luncheons with topical programs of interest or concern to our members
  • Presenting non-partisan Political Forums for the public
  • Allowing Alumni candidates for political office to speak at our luncheons
  • Holding evening networking socials
  • Publishing a monthly newsletter, LEADERlines
  • Sponsoring and coordinating Martin Youth LEADERship (MYL) for high school students
  • Awarding a four (4) year $8000 scholarship to a MYL graduate
  • Sponsoring an annual fundraiser which is open to the public to fund the scholarship program

The Alumni organization is governed by a fifteen (15) person Board of Directors which meets monthly. The directors and officers (from among the Board) are elected at the June annual meeting by all members in good standing who attend that meeting.

LEADERship Alumni took on a project in 1995 which has evolved into Martin Youth LEADERship (MYL) and is a program that provides an opportunity for high school sophomores and juniors throughout Martin County to develop and enhance their leadership skills. It is modeled after LEADERship Martin County and is sponsored by LEADERship Alumni, Seacoast National Bank, Stuart/Martin County Chamber of Commerce, and the Martin County School District. Each year, LEADERship Alumni awards a four year scholarship to a MYL graduate.

The scholarship is funded by one annual fundraiser which has included a golf tournament, a wine tasting with a Chinese auction of “Class” baskets held at a private home, and a wine tasting with a reverse drawing at the Elliott Museum. A new “tradition” was started this year when the Board of Directors challenged the graduating LEADERship Martin County Class take on an active role in the fundraiser. This challenge will be made to each subsequent graduating class.

LEADERship Alumni holds a voting seat on the Rivers Coalition, and it is filled by a board member each year. In the past, we have participated, as an organization, in Stuart Mainstreet’s Dancin’ in the Street event; managed a Get out the Vote program among the membership and their employers; participated in the Youth Alcohol and Drug Abuse Awareness Committee comprised of Alumni, Martin County Youth, Decision Makers and interested Community groups; donated gifts to charities through White Doves each year; and, participated in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life as a LEADERship entity for several years. Our Alumni are out there, individually, volunteering for every charity in town.

Each year LEADERship Martin County graduates approximately 30 members who become Alumni.  Active membership in LMCA is gained by paying annual members dues and entitles the Alumni to:

  • LEADERship Martin County Website
  • Annual Directory Businesss category listing
  • Leadership luncheons and other events
  • LEADERlines Newsletter – promote yourself personally and professionally
  • Online Directory
  • Opportunity to enhance class camaraderie

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