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LEADERship Martin County Alumni Scholarship Program

Shortly after its inception, LEADERship Martin County Alumni (Alumni), saw an opportunity to adapt its adult program and offered it to the county’s high schools. In 1997 the Alumni established a scholarship that would be awarded to one graduate of its Youth LEADERship program. The total award is currently $8,000 paid over the winner’s four year college career. In 2014, the scholarship was named the “Nancy Sailer Youth LEADERship Scholarship Fund” to recognize the long time Program Director of the adult program.

Qualifications for Scholarship: Candidates for the LEADERship Martin County Alumni Scholarship must be graduates of the Martin Youth Leadership program.

Scholarship Application Process: Applicants must complete the scholarship form provided by their respective schools, and must include the student’s weighted and un-weighted Grade Point Average (GPA), class rank, placement test (SAT/ACT) scores and pertinent financial information necessary to determine need. Further, the applicant must submit an essay identifying leadership activities, career goals and reasons for seeking higher education, so that the applicants community involvement/leadership activities are the deciding factor in becoming the recipient of our scholarship. The applicant must also submit two letters of recommendation as follows: one from a teacher, guidance counselor, or school administrator; and one from an individual in the community who has worked directly with the student through work experience, community involvement, or on a special project.



Selection Process:  A subjective grading scale is then used to rank each of the applicants.

Continuing Eligibility: To remain eligible for subsequent scholarship disbursements the scholarship recipient must maintain full time student status. Recipients who leave school or reduce their hours to less than full-time status may petition the Scholarship Committee for reinstatement of the scholarship once they return to full-time status as long as they continue to meet the minimum cumulative GPA requirements and provide proof of their full-time status. The scholarship recipient must also maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (or the equivalent of a B average) or better. Should a scholarship recipient fail to meet any of the scholarship requirements for any school year, recipient will forfeit any and all future awards. It is the recipient’s responsibility to provide proof of their eligibility to the Scholarship Committee no later than 30 days after close of the semester.

The scholarship is announced at the winner’s high school award program and presented at LEADERship Alumni’s annual meeting in June.

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